Valuable Tools For WordPress Development

WordPress is a versatile platform that is not only used for blogs, but also for websites dedicated to companies. With the use of plugins, you can extend the functionality of your site and include all kinds of features and extensions such as chat rooms, audio, and video players, buttons for social networks, contact or registration forms, etc.

There are different ways to the WordPress community ranging from collaborating in various WordPress projects to creating your own plugin and adding it to the WordPress directory. You can also create a theme and sell it in online markets. Due to the great community that WordPress has and the number of people who choose it as their content manager, there are opportunities to sell themes and plugins.

Whatever your goal is, whether you decide to offer your plugins or themes for free or offer them as Premium products, you will need different tools for WordPress development.Read more about How to create A Website For Your Business At No Cost we mention some of them.

Instant WordPress

Instant WordPress is a local development environment for WordPress. You can quickly have a WordPress site ready for you to test any plugin or theme you are developing. Instant WordPress creates a temporary site on any computer that has Windows installed as its OS. It also includes a series of entries and test pages so you do not need to create new content: you can start directly by performing the necessary tests of your theme or plugin in development.


DesktopServer is another local development environment that allows you to create and configure a WordPress installation on your computer in a matter of minutes. DesktopServer installs all the necessary files for WordPress, creates the database and verifies the authentication automatically. Like InstantWP, it serves to quickly create a WordPress site that you can use to test your plugins or themes.

DesktopServer is a premium tool but it has a free version that allows you to install up to three WordPress sites.


Synchi is another WordPress plugin that offers you an IDE specially designed for WordPress. By installing the plugin, you can create code and have access to essential features of any code editor such as autocomplete function, highlight syntax, editing in full screen, navigation for plugin files and themes, open files in tabs, search and replace code, shortcuts keyboard, among other functions of an IDE. For your excellent blog or website, you should contact web development companies to hire WordPress developers.


Roots is a series of three tools for WordPress development that you can use together or separately. It has three components called Trellis, Bedrock and Sage.

Trellis allows you to create a local environment for WordPress i.e. install a specific WordPress site for you to perform tests. The process is fast, so you do not have to worry about the configuration or installation of your WordPress site.

Bedrock is a template for WordPress projects that allows you to organize it better, optimize file configuration and manage plugins with Composer. It also improves security and dependency management.

Sage is a theme template that allows you to create style guides in Sass and verify your JavaScript code for errors. It also allows you to optimize images.


Developer is a free plugin created by and for developers. Developer optimizes your development environment in WordPress by installing tools for the creation of themes and plugins. You can choose the type of project you will be working on after installing it. Depending on the option you select, Developer will install a series of additional plugins that will facilitate the development process for that specific project.

Debug Bar

Debug Bar is a plugin that adds a debug bar in the WordPress control panel. Within this new menu, you will find records of errors, caches, queries, among other data of great help to debug errors. Debug Bar also monitors MySQL queries and PHP notifications so that they can be found easily. For your excellent blog or website, you should contact web development companies to hire WordPress developers.


GenerateWP is a set of tools created for WordPress developers. GenerateWP minimizes development time by generating code snippets. All the code fragments generated by GenerateWP comply with WordPress standards, so you can use them in your projects without problems.

With GenerateWP, you can generate sidebars, shortcodes, and widgets among others. It has several tools that you can see on the official website. They are divided according to the type of function they perform.


Underscores is a basic template for developing themes in WordPress. As such, it does not include additional styles or features, so you can focus on creating a custom theme with all the features and functions you want. Also, since Underscores is only used for WordPress, the standards established by WordPress are taken into account. Although to a large extent, you add the characteristics and modify the aspect of this theme to suit your tastes, you should be aware of the best practices and techniques for developing themes in WordPress.

Theme Check

Theme Check is another free plugin that, as the name suggests, allows you to verify if the theme you are developing meets all WordPress specifications. With Theme Check, you can run tests and detect errors. This will ensure that the theme which you are developing complies with the recommendations, specifications and best practices established by WordPress.

These are just some of the tools that can be useful for the development of themes and plugins in WordPress. Most of them are exclusive for WordPress and you should not forget to hire WordPress developers by contacting web development companies.

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